Shogun Slide - Hanzo Finish - Gen 3 G19

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Our Shogun slide was built with beauty and function in mind.  Each line and curve were designed to give this slide a simple, yet aggresive look.  The Hexagon checkering not only gives you plenty of grip for press checks without being overly abrasive, but it also pairs up nicely with our exclusive Shogun stipple texture.  The 2 tone polishing ties it all together, making this slide a true work of art.  

Take full advantage of our slide by pairing it up with the Shogun exclusive barrel by Thrash Tactical.  We went with progressive porting, meaning the holes go from smaller to larger.  This ensures the gun will run with a factory OEM recoil spring and any ammo you throw at it.  It also ensures you won't get blasted with a ton of gasses to the face should you ever have to shoot from a retention position.  We also took low light conditions into consideration.  You won't have to worry about blowing your vision completely out which in turn makes it harder to pick up your red dot for follow up shots.  We put a lot of thought into our design and we know you'll love the Shogun slide.  

Optic cut is for the RMR footprint.