Reserve a spot

This $50 reservation fee is NON REFUNDABLE and will go towards your frame package. 


I'll be providing you with a coupon code to use at checkout that will deduct $50 from your final balance.


In order to book your place in line, create a customer account and then purchase your reservation spot while logged into your account. When creating your account, please use a reliable email and phone number.  That way there are no issues contacting you when it's your turn to place an order. 


No changes can be made to your order once it's placed.  To ensure you get exactly what you want, I'll be calling you to discuss all the details of your project.  Please don't send your frame in until we've spoken on the phone and it's your turn to place an order. 

Below is the current queue where you'll see your name.  I'll be adding the names to this list in the order the reservations are placed on the website. 

I'll periodically update the list with a progress report on the frames that are currently in the shop.  This could include what stage of the project it's in and/or when it will be finished.   


Lead times depend on what the current batch of frames in my shop need.  Some projects are simple and some are more complex which will affect lead times.  It could be 4 weeks or it could be 8 weeks.  It could be more or it could be less.  If your project includes cerakote and/or slide milling, this will extend your lead time.  Please understand that there is no EXACT timeframe other than this rough window that I can give you.  


To purchase your place in line, click the product card below titled "Reservation."


Thank you VERY MUCH for putting your trust in Shogun Customs!