At Shogun Customs, we have a variety of mods that allows us to build you a gun that fits your needs.

The Enhanced Finger Groove helps cradle your finger which aids in locking in your grip.  This mod greatly increases the comfortability in your frame.


The Double Undercut mod is more of an aesthetic mod.  However, you do get your support hand up slightly higher which techinically aids in controlling your firearm.  The texturing also adds a little more traction.


The Single Undercut mod is a must have!!!  It gets rid of the dreaded glock knuckle we all know and hate.  It also helps you get higher on the gun with your strong hand to help mitigate muzzle rise.


The Glove Bevel mod provides more room for a gloved finger to maneuver on and off the trigger.  



Recessed Border


These Borders are cut into the frame and sit flush with the surface giving you a seamless transition from the frame to the texture. 

HD Border


This is the most popular border style. The HD Border

gives your gun a very clean and high end look.  

Magazine Release Scallop

(Gens 1-3 ONLY)


For the average person, the mag release button can be hard to press without performing the world famous Glock grip shift.  This mod takes out material around the mag release making it easier to press.  It sure does look nice too. 

Index Points


Index Points provide you with some added traction for additional traction.  If you're looking for the most control, then take a look at our Gas Pedal mods.

Gas Pedals


Aesthetically pleasing to look at, the enhanced Gas Pedals provide more traction beneath the gas pedal further assisting in securing your grip to the frame during faster fire rates.