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With a high level of care and attention to detail, we strive to create a frame that is functional, ergonomic and pleasing to the eye.





Before I started Shogun Customs, I worked at a Custom Shop in San Diego.  In the beginning, I just worked on the retail side of the shop which definitely wasn’t as fun as custom work.  Being that I’ve always wanted to learn how to stipple, my boss let me take home a bunch of A2 grips to practice on.  I practiced on them for about a month and got the basic principles down.  However, I had no clue on how to do borders or anything like that.  At the time I was unaware of where to look for education of how to cut borders and what kind of bits to use.  And our shop’s bread and butter was gunsmithing and cerakoting so I couldn’t find any answers there.  So I basically just gave up.  


About 3 months later, my boss walked up to me with a glock 34 frame in his hand and said “Are you ready?”  We were donating this gun to a charity event and he needed me to stipple it while the slide was getting cerakoted.  I told him I hadn’t been practicing for months now and it would probably come out looking terrible.  He told me not to worry about it and just keep it simple.  At this point, I didn’t even know how to burn a border in so I just picked up the Waffle tip and went to work.  In the end, I was so proud of myself and that gun ended up being auctioned off for $3,000 which made me even more proud.  


This was the start of my love for frame work.  Being that my boss wasn’t a big fan of spending hours working on a frame nor did he have the time to do so, he was happy to hand that position over to me.  As I got better, we restructured the pricing and we started doing more stipple jobs than ever.  I eventually started buying all my own materials and even set up a work shop at home where I would hone my skills on my days off.  My happiest moments there were seeing the look on customers faces when they picked up their frame.  It’s an awesome feeling to have.  Fast forward to today, I now live in Utah where I run Shogun Customs.  I’m deeply grateful for my two bosses back in San Diego giving me a platform to develop a skill and turn it into a career.  Without them, Shogun Customs wouldn't be here.